Full List of Courses Offered In University of Benin

Full List of Courses Offered In University of Benin…

University of Benin is one of the most sort after Nigerian Tertiary Institutions with great reputation in various courses.
Here is a comprehensivelist of courses offered in The Prestigious University of Benin (UNIBEN), this will guide JAMBites and Prospective Uniben students to make the right choice while in pursuit for a degree in the University of Benin.
⬤ Accounting
⬤ Actuarial Science
⬤ Adult Education
⬤ Adult Education / English Literature
⬤ Adult Education / Geography and Regional Planning
⬤ Adult Education / Political Science and Public Administration
⬤ Agricultural Economics
⬤ Agricultural Science and Education
⬤ Animal Biology and Environment
⬤ Animal Science
⬤ Banking and Finance (Mgt)
⬤ Biochemistry
⬤ Botany
⬤ Business Administration
⬤ Business Administration
⬤ Business Education
⬤ Business Management
⬤ Chemical Engineering
⬤ Chemistry
⬤ Civil Engineering
⬤ Computer Education
⬤ Computer Engineering
⬤ Computer Science
⬤ Dentistry And Dental Surgery
⬤ Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts
⬤ Early Childhood Education
⬤ Education and Biology
⬤ Education and Chemistry
⬤ Education and Economics
⬤ Education and Edo Language
⬤ Education and English Language and Literature
⬤ Education and Fine and Applied Arts
⬤ Education and French
⬤ Education and Geography
⬤ Education and History
⬤ Education and Integrated Science
⬤ Education and Mathematics
⬤ Education and Physics
⬤ Education and Political Science
⬤ Education and Religious Studies
⬤ Education and Social Studies
⬤ Educational Administration
⬤ Educational Management
⬤ Electrical / Electronic Engineering
⬤ English Language and Literature
⬤ Environmental Education
⬤ Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts
⬤ Fisheries
⬤ Forestry And WildLife
⬤ French
⬤ Geography and Regional Planning
⬤ Geography and Regional Planning
⬤ Geology
⬤ Health Education
⬤ History
⬤ Hospitality And Tourism Management
⬤ Human Kinetics
⬤ Industrial Chemistry
⬤ Industrial Mathematics
⬤ Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
⬤ Industrial Technical Education
⬤ Insurance
⬤ International Studies and Diplomacy
⬤ International Studies and Diplomacy
⬤ Languages and Linguistics
⬤ Law
⬤ Linguistics
⬤ Linguistics / Edo
⬤ Marketing
⬤ Mass Communication
⬤ Mathematics
⬤ Mathematics and Economics
⬤ Mechanical Engineering
⬤ Medical Biochemistry
⬤ Medicine and Surgery
⬤ Microbiology
⬤ Nursing / Nursing Science
⬤ Optometry
⬤ Petroleum Engineering
⬤ Pharmacy
⬤ Philosophy
⬤ Physical Education
⬤ Physics
⬤ Physics / Industrial Physics
⬤ Physiology
⬤ Plant Science and Biotechnology
⬤ Political Science
⬤ Political Science and Public Administration
⬤ Production Engineering
⬤ Public Administration
⬤ Pure / Applied Mathematics
⬤ Religious Studies
⬤ Science Laboratory Technology
⬤ Social Works
⬤ Sociology and Anthropology
⬤ Soil Science
⬤ Statistics
⬤ Structural Engineering
⬤ Technical Education
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  1. Do you have early childhood education and if you do how many years, or is it still known as nursery/nursery science?

  2. Please is their early childhood education and if you do have many years pls, or is it still known as nursery/ nursery science..

  3. the skol fees of part time and full time.
    what is the cut off mark of journalism?
    And at least,how many credit of o’level is allow?…….pls urgent!

  4. Please it possible for someone with lower credit (ND) in statistics to buy direct entry form into the department of economics and statistics?

  5. Please is it possible to purchase direct entry form into the department of Economics and statistics with lower credit in statistics(ND)?

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