Best Courses With Best Employment Opportunities In Nigeria 2019

This timely article is about the best courses with the best employment opportunities in Nigeria. It is our view that you will use it as a guide in choosing the course that you will study. If you are reading this article, chances are that you must have heard the popular saying that in Nigeria, it doesn’t matter what you read, but who you know. But how true is that assertion?
Given the fact that Nigeria is still a developing nation, there are courses that one can study, which will not fit into the grand scheme of things, within the developing economy of Nigeria, while there are courses that you can study and be greatly appreciated for that, because these courses has more utilitarian values compared to the others. Remember what George Owen said in his animal farm “All Animals Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than The Others”.
A lot of Nigerians have gone to the universities to study some courses that really has no social relevance within the context of Nigerian developing economy, only to realize upon graduation that they literarily wasted their time in the universities. There is really very little employment opportunities in Nigeria, and studying some courses in Nigeria can only make your employability look more egregious.
Remember, in the developed societies, people study primarily for the sake of gaining knowing, of which work might be a secondary consideration. However, in the case of Nigeria, we mostly go to school for the sake of gaining employment upon graduation, and that is why you can’t play with what you choose to study
What we have here is an unverified listing of 20 degree courses with the best employment opportunities in Nigeria. Included also is another 20 courses with the worst employment opportunities in Nigeria. In these lists, the compiler (a student like you) have taken time to observe the Nigerian employment market and propose this list as a course-choice-guide to prospective students who wish to apply for admission into the university.
Note that the courses listed here as the best courses and worst courses in Nigeria is the opinion of the writer, and at such, i don’t expect everyone to agree with them in-pari-materia. However, it is intended to serve as a guide to prospective students, in order to guide them in their choice of study.

BEST COURSES To Study In Nigeria 2019

1. Civil Engineering
2. Agriculture Science.
3. Medicine.
4. Economics.
5. Business & Administrative
6. Geology
7. Computer Science/IT
8. Nursing
9. Architecture
10. Health Education
11. Home Economics
12. Marketing
13. Graphics Art.
14. Accounting & Finance
15. Fishery.
16. Pharmacy.
17. Physics
18. Human Resources
19. Law
20. Chemistry

WORST COURSES To Study In Nigeria 2019

1. Religious Studies
2. Political Science
3. Music
4. Zoology
5. Primary Education
6. French
7. Sport
8. Sociology
9. Counseling Psychology
10. Geography
11. Language
12. Library and Information Science
13. Fine Art
14. Philosophy
15. Social Studies
16. Mass Communication
17. Botany
18. Physical Education
19. Theatre Art
20. English Literature

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43 Replies to “Best Courses With Best Employment Opportunities In Nigeria 2019”

  1. Good observation but was wrongly analyzed.
    Your analysis should be based on Nigeria unemployment problem (rate of unemployment keeps increasing). So what courses could survived the down-time and withstand Nigeria economy situation should be your priority.
    Most of those best courses observed by you are not easily self-employ as a graduate and as well for employable opportunities are competitive high and challenges as far as Nigeria is concern.
    Look critically into environmental courses, it is easy for a graduate to start up immediately or even right from undergraduate and for employable opportunities are not competitive high and challenges as far as Nigeria is concern. E.g Architect, Land Surveyor, Estate Surveyor, Builder, Town Planner.
    The demands for these skills based professions are very high as far as development of our environment/Built environment is concern either in developed countries or in developing countries like Nigeria
    A graduate of these skills based professions will start up career immediately without need for high capital or seeking for employment. So the employable demands for these skills based professions are high and request for their services are expensive. Therefore, they are lucrative professions.
    Other course like Agriculture Science, Computer Science/IT, Fishery and Human Resources Management from your list March up to the same criteria as far as Nigeria is concern but not lucrative as those environmental courses/professions mentioned above

  2. Abeg mass communication shuldnt be amongst the worst course even theater art…….. and also it depends on the level of ur certificate.,…. first class in theater or mass comm no go suffer joor

  3. Why is SLT,electrical nd electronic engineering not dere nd moreover u dnt arrange it according to Nigeria status bcos some of all dose courses in best course will suffer bcos of unemployment,,,,,,,,u nid to rearranged it!!!

  4. I love civil engineering pharmacy medicine business administrative marketing accounting finance Computerscience architecture. but I till think that mass communication and theater art should be among the best
    job opportunity in Nigeria

  5. Mathematics Should be among the best courses too…..
    cause, its the foundation of all science courses……….Prove me wrong

  6. well most people depend on mass com what you should look out for d one dat pays more like me i go for petroleum engineering and is one of d best

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