PHARMACY: 10 Best University In Nigeria

Best Universities to Study PHARMACY…
Pharmacy Is one of the course that doesn’t need play or unserious students. Where you are studing it matters alot
Pharmacy is one the courses labelled with “hot cake” by admission seekers and sometimes, the admission seekers think that “hot cake” courses are best studied in “hot cake” universities not knowing that the universities “hot cake” because of a particular course or group of courses the are best in….
Here is a list of 10 universities recommended for students seeking Pharmacy as a course of study.
1. Obafemi Awolo University
2. University of Ibadan
3. A.B.U Zaria
4. University of Lagos
5. University of Maidugiri
6. Niger Delta University
7.University of Nigeria, Nsukka
8. OOU
9. Madona University
10. University of Benin.

  1. Please try and do a research before posting anything online .you dint include university of jos ,which even top 5. And has baged countless awards from NUC and Pharmacist council

  2. Reality is this, there’ll be a board exam this year. Please let us allow PCN do the grading. Besides irrespective of school of study, your power of knowledge depends on further research students personally make. Lakeside school of pharmacy, Agulu, Nnamdi Azikiwe university has also helped with the SIWES program to broaden their students minds even into real practice. This should be done everywhere too but a reservation I have is limiting students to lecture notes and handouts. I’m a proud pharmacy student and I rep unizik.

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