Community Health Practitioners of Nigeria 2017 Exam Timetable

The Community Health Practitioners Registration Board of Nigeria(chprbn) has released its 2017 National Exam Calendar. Activities begin on the 6th of september 2017 and ends on Sunday, 17th september 2017.
The National Examinations is scheduled to hold as follows:

2017 National Exam Calendar.

Day Date Activity(ies)
Wednessday 6th September Chief Examiner Arrives at the Collection Center
Thursday 7th September Chief Examiner Briefing / Distribution of Examination Scripts
Friday 8th September Examiners Depart to Examination Centers
Saturday 9th September Examiners Hold Meetings with staff of Examination Halls and other facilities. Visit Practice Areas.
Sunday 10th September Chief Examiners hold meetings with all appointed Examiners to review Examination Procedures and Guidelines
Monday 11th September Oral and Practical Examination
Tuesday 12th September Oral Practical Examination
Wednessday 13th September Oral and Practical Examination
Thursday 14th September Written Paper I
Friday 15th September Written Paper II
Saturday 16th September Written Paper III
Sunday 17th September Return of Examination Scripts
  1. Why is our board wanted to devalued our certificate,as well as the profession through the allowing of in legal school of health?
    why somes state starting HND community and rejecting CHO?

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