Ife Biotechnology group holds 2nd south west Agroecologic Biosaftey Workkshop

Advances in genetic engineering now allow scientists to directly manipulate a DNA sequence to generate desirable traits.
These techniques are also being used to increase the quality of food crops, adaption of exotic medicinal plant species or incorporate other desirable elements into plants. An example is the introduction of the gene coding for beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A to rice and cassava.
Despite the immense importance of genetic modification and its many applications, the safety, efficacy and benefits of genetically modified organisms have been debated globally. It is therefore important that scientists, particularly in developing countries, acquire knowledge of the theory and practice of genetic modification and how to detect genetically modified organisms.
Lectures and practical activities during this workshop will cover basic and advanced concepts in molecular biology and lay emphasis on their applications in performing genetic modification and detecting genetically modified organisms. Topics will include:
• Health and safety regulations and bioethics
• From DNA to protein
• Overview of gene expression and regulation
• Plant DNA and RNA isolation
• Polymerase chain reaction(PCR) and applications in GMO detection
• Agarose gel electrophoresis and applications in DNA analysis
• Gene cloning and transformation
• DNA technology in detecting genetically modified food products
• Introduction to bioinformatics and primer design
Pre-Workshop facilitator: Opeolu Ojo, PhD, MRSC, CSci, FHEA, FIBMS
Click here to download the events’ programme (PDF)
Workshop Registration Fee is N15,000
Name:                            Ife Biotechnology Group
Name of Bank:          ACCESS BANK PLC
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  0714969448

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