Top 5 Most Educated States in Nigeria – Ranking of the 37 states

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Some states have, in terms of education, gone much further than others. Current statistics have shown that these under-listed states are some of the most educationally advantaged in Nigeria.

  1. Abia
  2. Anambra
  3. Edo
  4. Rivers
  5. Imo

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Ranking of the 37 states in Nigeria (Most Educated to Least Educated)

The tag ‘Most educated state’ in Nigeria is usually an emotional subject. Anybody with an iota of pride would want to claim that crown for their own state.

This is one discussion that is never-ending. Many contend that a table listing the most educated states must consider all variables before making a final conclusion.

According to this school of thought, basing your argument on, say, the state with the highest number of professors would produce a different result with a ranking based on the number of tertiary institutions in a state.

But given that record keeping in Nigeria is notoriously bad, the best criteria for this sort of ranking must be easily verifiable.

Raw stats must be accepted as is.

That is why this ranking is based on the senior secondary school examination, SSCE. The examination organized by the West African Examination Council, WAEC, is a national exam, and the tests are standardized irrespective of state.

The marking scheme, too, is standardized for all states of the Federation. And each year, the results are published for all to see. These results cannot be disputed because there is a consistent pattern in terms of performance.

The positions of the states are based on the average performance in the last three years in SSCE. For brevity, the stats are based on the number of students who had 5 credits and above, including English and mathematics.

Most educated to least educated state in Nigeria

1. Abia State

The slogan ‘God’s Own State’ seems apt for Abia as the most educated state in Nigeria currently. In the last three years, this state has always been a consistent performer, always found in the top 3 positions.
The state has averaged a 65% pass rate over the last three years.

2. Anambra

In 2014 SSCE, Anambra state was the best-performing state. But over the last 3 years, Abia has performed better to upstage the state whose slogan is ‘Light of the Nation.’

In last year’s result, about 28 thousand students out of the 47 thousand who sat for the exams had 5 credits and above.

3. Edo

Edo State, also known as ‘The Heartbeat of the Nation’, is the third most educated state in Nigeria based on final year high school results.

Like Abia and Anambra, students from Edo State have consistently placed in the top three over the last three years.

4. Rivers

In 2014, Rivers was 5th on the table below Bayelsa State. In subsequent years since then, the consistency of the students has seen it displace Bayelsa as the fourth state in the rankings.

Kudos to the ‘Treasure Base of the Nation’ for the excellent performance of its students.

5. Imo

Imo state is on a mission to be the numero uno of the most educated state in Nigeria rankings. 3 years ago, it was placed 8th but has now risen to the 5th position.

Watch out, Abia, “The Eastern Heartland” is coming for your crown.

6. Lagos

The ‘Center of Excellence’ comes in as number 6, which is a slight improvement from the 7th position it occupied 3 years ago. This shows that over the last 3 years, the state has consistently maintained its position between the 6th and 7th.

The latest figures showed that about 68,000 students out of about 115,000 who sat for the SSCE exams had five credits and above.

7. Baylesa

After a 4th place 3 years ago, Baylesa state moved down the table to place 7th. The challenge for Baylesa now is to arrest any further slides.

However, for a state considered the educationally disadvantaged, the ‘Glory of All Lands’ is not doing badly.

8. Delta

‘The Big Heart’ state is sitting pretty in the 8th position. Delta State, too, has been consistent as its position over the last three years has hovered between 8th and 9th.

9. Enugu

The ‘Coal City State’ comes in at the 9th position in the most educated state ranking. Considering that it was the 6th ranked state just 3 years ago, the state needs to sit up.

10. Ebonyi

Three years ago, Ebonyi State was 11th in the rankings. It has also shown consistency by staying in the same position over the last three years.

However, this ‘Salt of the Nation’ should be applauded for being consistent in the top 10 as it is also classified as an educationally disadvantaged state.

11. Ekiti

‘The Fountain of Knowledge’ has a reputation for having the highest number of professors in Nigeria. Perhaps most of the students from Ekiti are late bloomers.

12. Kaduna

Formerly the capital of the Northern region and still home to some of the most prestigious academic institutions, the ‘Center of Learning’ placed 12th, a markdown from 10th position 3 years ago.

13. Ondo

The ‘Sunshine State’ has held this position for the last 3 years. You get the feeling they are satisfied with their position in the rankings. This is bad for a state considered one of the most educationally advantaged states in the country.

14. Abuja

The nation’s capital, also known as the ‘Center of Unity’, placed 14th. This has been its position over the last three years.

15. Kogi

‘The Confluence State’ takes up the 15th position in our ranking. Though classified as educationally disadvantaged, the state improved its position from the 20th three years ago.

16. Benue

‘The Food Basket of the Nation’ clearly has a bit of time for schools besides producing food for the nation. The 16th place is an improvement from its 19th place three years ago.

17. Akwa Ibom

Coming in at 17th is the ‘Land of Promise.’ Despite its vast oil wealth, the state slid down the table from the 14th-place finish 3 years ago.

18. Kwara

Three years ago, a 30% pass rate was enough to place Kwara in the 16th position. But the Place of Harmony’ has allowed Benue state to usurp that position.

19. Ogun

‘The Gateway State’ is also one of the states to maintain its position over the last three years.

20. Cross River

This educationally disadvantaged state has also remained consistent as it has fallen between the 19th and 20th in the last three years.

21. Taraba

“Nature’s Gift to the Nation” has shown a remarkable improvement to come in at 21 in the most educated States ranking. It placed 27th three years ago

22. Plateau

‘The Home of Peace and Tourism’ has also shown consistency over the last 3 years. Its 19.4% pass rate was enough for the 23rd three years ago. A slight improvement has taken them one step up.

23. Nasarawa

An 18.2% pass rate was enough to give ‘The Home of Solid Minerals’ 25th place three years ago. They have improved slightly to the 23rd position.

24. Kano

The largest state in terms of population in the North is ranked as the 24th most educated state in the country. Perhaps, students in the ‘Center of Commerce’ would rather join adults in commercial activities.

25. Bornu

In spite of the activities of terrorists, the ‘Home of Peace’ has managed to improve its position in the last 3 years when it placed 28th most educated state in Nigeria

26. Oyo

Many would be shocked to see ‘Pace Setter’ in this position. The state is not even among the educationally disadvantaged states in the country. But they have consistently placed low in the rankings.

27. Niger

The so-called ‘Power State’ is more famous for producing heads of State, it seems. It has consistently languished around this position over the last 3 years.

28. Adamawa

The ‘Land of Beauty, Sunshine, and Hospitality’ takes up the dubious position of the most educated state in the 10 least educated states in Nigeria.

29. Osun

Again, another surprising inclusion in the 10 least educated states in Nigeria. The ‘State of the Living Spring’, an educationally advantaged state, has retrogressed badly. Three years ago, it was at number 22.

30. Sokoto

The ‘Seat of the Caliphate’ takes up the unfortunate position of the 8th least educated state in Nigeria. It improved slightly from the 32nd position it occupied three years ago.

31. Bauchi

The raw data shows that Bauchi is on an upward trajectory. Over the course of 3 years, the ‘Pearl of Tourism’ has improved from the 36th to the 31st position in the rankings.

32. Kebbi

‘The Land of Equity,” though still in the 10 least educated states, has slightly improved from the 34th position three years ago.

33. Katsina

The ‘State of Hospitality’ is also one of the few states showing retrogression. Three years ago, it placed 29th in the rankings.

34. Gombe

One thing that can be said about the ‘Jewel in the Savannah’ is the fact they have been consistent. The 5.6% pass rate was enough for 35th place in the rankings three years ago.

35. Jigawa

‘The New World’ makes it into the top 3 of the least educated state in Nigeria in the table of the most educated states in Nigeria.

The state is showing neither consistency nor improvement in the last three years as it slid from 31st in the rankings to its present 35th.

36. Zamfara

Three years ago, the ‘Home of Agricultural Products’ placed 33rd in the rankings. It’s a shame it is now the 2nd least educated state in Nigeria.

37. Yobe

The ‘Pride of the Sahel’ could claim terrorism ravaging the state is responsible for its last-place finish in the last three years.

Whatever the situation, this consistency in the last three years as the least educated state in Nigeria should be a wake-up call for authorities in the state.


Nigeria is comprised of 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory. The West African country is made up of over 200 million people dispersed in six distinct geographic areas. There are over 250 tribes in Nigeria, each with its own unique language.

In September 2022, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) revealed Nigeria as the country with the highest number of out-of-school children in the world. As a result, the country became aware of the prevalence of illiteracy developing across its quarters. Schools throughout the country were in a state of disarray, while insecurity, nepotism and a lack of infrastructure were commonplace in Nigeria.

In this article, we assessed the Top 5 Most Educated States in Nigeria.

  1. Maybe most of you here didn’t understood the English language used, such as (presently the statistics shows), please if you wish and truly want to know which is the most educated state in Nigeria go to the National educational board and check the population of WAEC and university graduates then you can by yourself make your judgement. This statistics shows that those are the leading states in education in Nigeria, don’t ague but make your research from the information that I have given to you.

    1. agreed With your posted which is contrary what those guy Above had said. This is not the issue of sentiment, sectionalism is already there in records. May be you dn’t understand the english as my broz said. Pls take note


  3. Blah blah blah and bunkum, is all have been hearing… Ondo state is First, other states can fight for other positions.. Buh for ONDO state… “The first and best”

    1. Sorry, “all u have been hearing”. …….what a pity? Pls Check records before those you hear from teach you nonsense. Ok?

  4. we all no that Imo state is the best and nothing we can do about, am proud of my state and that’s is imo state

  5. no state has the symbol of knowledge in Nigeria except EKITI STATE,therefore EKITI STATE is the first state having the best education history and products in nigeria.don’t forget, Ekiti state is the FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE. EKITI LEADS FOREVER and EVER.

  6. no state has the symbol of knowledge in Nigeria except EKITI STATE,therefore EKITI STATE is the first state having the best education history and products in nigeria.don’t forget, Ekiti state is the FOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE. EKITI LEADS FOREVER and EVER.

      1. Shut up mehn who is talking about record here… That is just the fact am from ekiti n u can’t stand me in terms of education… You can bet it with me.. I’ll just finish u up…..Rubbish!!!!!!!

  7. kogi state is next to ekiti state.
    even the dead knows that ekiti is the best educationally.
    am kogi state anyway but truth must be told.

  8. Anambra is d best and will still b forever all igbo states and southern Nigeria are best + ogun

  9. All of u that is saying one state or the order, oh na tink say one plus one whey dem thay ask them for class na hi be guru make o na follow up date up delta warri na hi dey talk noting do us

  10. see these..ptchew…all these na fiction u all know that Kaduna is d best..with loads of Educands.

  11. see these…. all these na fiction…………………..Kaduna state is d best and d Most educated State follow by Ibadan.

  12. Imo state the greatest you people are just killing yourself for nothing sake hip hip. Hip hurrrrray god bless imo state

  13. The present statistic is absolutely right there is no 2 ways about it I give it to Imo state is not by tribalism you people should travel around Nigeria nd confirm before you comment ok thanks

  14. We talking of present not past ,before ekiti rules but now Imo rules,just. Like before maradona rules but right now c 7 Ronaldo rules) the present king

  15. Late justice oputa and his boys in Imo state Are doing wonderful things in feild of study so give them round of applause ? clap your hand for the heartland students the dserv it

  16. Pascal dozie the m.t.n boss and his boys in Imo state are genius in telecommunication ) in medical too,go to California)Canada) south Africa) Japan)indian hospitals you will see then, travel and see before you drop comment

  17. Imo sate people are brainy and clever and smart,there youths are sharp even in computer wizard,they Are not too good in trading but wiiiiiiiiiiiiiizard boys they can turn the planet around

  18. You guys should go and do research before you talk rubbish Imo state no one delta no two anambra osun ogun the national educational board got it right)no tribalism no sentiment no yawaa

  19. This is not can you use o’level to judge when we have many student that do not go to school after secondary school.

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