NOUN Students' ID Card/Passport Upload and Printout

National Open University of Nigeria Students’ ID Card/Passport Upload and Printout.

This is to inform all students that it is very important to upload a passport and printout an ID Card for the forthcoming examinations.
Please find below a guide on how to upload passport and print ID Card.
Steps to Upload and Print of ID Card
Note: a Successful passport will be displayed on your home page.

  1. Login with Matric number and password.
  2. Goto ‘Upload your photo’ on your menu.
  3. Save passport with your matric number in this form nou111111111.jpg or nou111111111.png
  4. Click ‘Choose file’ to select the saved passport on your computer.
  5. Click ‘Submit’ ( Note: a Successful passport will be displayed on your home page)
  6. Goto ‘Registration’ on your portal menu.
  7. Click ‘Your ID Card’
  8. Click ‘Preview ID’
  9. Click “Print”
  10. Adjust the size of the ID using the Printer settings.
  11. Print ID Card.
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