Summary of 2017 Unijos JAMB CAPS Admission Process

Below is how the 2017/2018 Unijos Admissions will be decided with JAMB CAPS. What is the 2017 University of Jos Composite Admission Cutoff Point? Continue reading…
CAPS stand for Central Admission Processing Unit. I’m sure you know that already.
Here is the rule for Unijos 2017 Admission:
At least 50% of admission chance is decided by your UTME score.
The other 50% is decided by your school of choice. The school could choose to give your O’level results that 50%. Or share it between your O’level and Post UTME scores. Some schools can allocate all 100% to your JAMB UTME score.
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What happens after Unijos decides on their 2017 Admission criteria?

The University of Jos admission officer(who is the official representative of the school on admission ish) will log on to the CAPS. And input these criteria on the system. She might set Jamb score for 50%, Post UTME for 25% and O’level for 25%.
Once all criteria are entered into JAMB 2017 CAPS. A new composite cutoff score is determined. The software will automatically rank the available Unijos aspirants based on this new composite score. This new list is arranged from most qualified to least qualified.
The Unijos Admission officer will download all qualified candidates(based on the composite cutoff mark) from JAMB Caps. She would do her own investigations. And send back a list of candidates she and the school approves for admission in the academic year being considered.
The admission officer can only send back names that were on the original list downloaded from JAMB CAPS. Concrete reasons must be given for any name sent by jamb caps and rejected by the school.

After names are submitted to JAMB?

Once these new names are submitted to JAMB CAPS. An alert is sent to all the candidates on the list. JAMB will send you a message if the University of Jos offers you admission.
You are to login to the JAMB Caps portal and Accept or Reject the Admission. If you accept the Admission, that will be the end of your admission journey for the year 2017. If you reject it, you name is toss back in to the Admission market, any school that feels you fit their criteria might also offer you admission.
If all these sound complicated. It’s not. It’s just because it’s new. Just give it some time. It will sink in.

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