Unibadan Promotion Exercise: Call for Recommendations




(Effective Date of Promotion: 1 October, 2017)

Download promotion guidelines

Applications are hereby welcomed from qualified academic members of staff for the 2018 Promotions Exercise. Each application, duly endorsed by the applicant’s Head of Department/Director of Institute/Dean of Faculty (and in the case of the College of Medicine, the Faculty Dean and the Provost) and accompanied by an up to date Curriculum Vitae and photocopy of pay slip for the month of June 2017, should reach the Deputy Registrar Establishments (Academic Staff) not later than 30 September, 2017.
Thereafter, recommendations of Departmental Appointments and Promotions Panels in respect of qualified candidates should reach the Deputy Registrar Establishments (Academic Staff) as soon as possible. The recommendations should set out in detail, candidates’ contributions to research, their teaching ability, including details of teaching loads and responsibilities and any administrative responsibilities held.
2. The Regulations and Guidelines of Promotions for Academic Staff can be accessed at ui.edu.ng/2017-promotion-guidelines
3. In the case of recommendations for Readership or Professorship, Departmental Appointments and Promotions (A&P) Panels are requested to ensure that they are set out in more detail and that the academic contributions made by candidates are clearly outlined. Furthermore, an Ag. Head of Department who is a Reader/Senior Lecturer shall not be in a position to chair or be a part of the panel to recommend any staff in his/her Department for promotion to the grade of Reader or Professor. The Faculty Dean shall chair such a Departmental A&P Panel.
4. Where publications are cited in support of promotion, the Departmental A&P Panel, in making the recommendation, shall include an assessment of those publications. Both authorship and percentage contribution to every publication should be specified. To claim authorship means being able to defend publicly the intellectual contents of the publication(s) under reference i.e. having full knowledge of the works one claims to have co-authored.
5. Kindly note that CVs which are not in conformity with the specimen Form SAS 2 (see first attachment to the Promotions Guidelines) will be rejected. All publications cited in the CV, together with letters of acceptance in respect of papers already accepted for publication, should be deposited with respective Faculty Officers.
6. I should be grateful if the Departmental Appointments and Promotions Panel would ensure that candidates adopt the format which has been provided for this purpose (see FORM SAS I in the Guidelines).
7. Heads of Department are requested to inform candidates that only works published or accepted for publication as at 31 July, 2017 are acceptable for this exercise.
Thank you.
G.O. Saliu, MNIM, MAUA
Deputy Registrar Establishments (Academic Staff)
Attached Documents
2017 Promotion guidelines (PDF)
source: http://www.ui.edu.ng

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