2024/2025 WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects | Read & Download PDF

2024/2025 WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects: Success on the WAEC exams requires a thorough understanding of the exams’ demands. So, we have provided the WAEC syllabus for all subjects on this page.

As part of your exam preparation, you must study the subjects’ syllabuses. Also, you can use it as a guide to know the topics to read about in the subjects you registered for. The syllabi are impressively well organized, exceptionally specific, and comprehensive.

Moreover, preparing for the WAEC exams without using the WAEC syllabus is like a soldier going to a gun battle without guns, ammunition, or weapons. It is highly probable that you will fail the exams.

One of the most common mistakes students make is operating with limited information or knowledge and not knowing precisely what to study. So, we advise you to study the WAEC syllabus for each subject you registered for if you wish to pass the WAEC exams with ease.


Additionally, everyone knows that most of what WAEC does is recycle or repeat old questions; therefore, solving WAEC’s past questions is an excellent thing to do. However, they could bring new or unpopular questions to a future exam, so be prepared.

WAEC Syllabus for All Subjects

NOTE: Tap or click on the subject you want to view (text version) and/or download (pdf version) from its syllabus.

Purpose of the WAEC Syllabus

WAEC created the WAEC syllabus to ensure a fair and impartial understanding between the instructor and students such that there is minimal confusion on policies relating to the subject.

It provides an outline of topics you should cover before you write the exam. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that questions would come from every topic. But it’s good to cover all the topics before you write the exams.

The WAEC syllabus also keeps students up to date with international educational standards. For example, the topics covered in the WAEC Chemistry Syllabus are similar to those covered in the SAT II Chemistry Syllabus.

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Final Thoughts

The syllabuses listed above are the most recent ones published by WAEC. On each subject (subjects you registered for) you open, read through the topics, contents, and notes and check the objectives.

You should also get some, if not all, of the recommended textbooks listed at the end of each syllabus and read them.

Lastly, use WAEC past questions and answers to test your ability and level of preparation.

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  2. am trying to download maths,Eng,Bio,Chem, phy,Agric and many more to no avail. plz can somebody help me with this????

  3. I am a parent. I can’t find the syllabi for Civics & Data Processing for year 2024/2025 on the official page !
    What do I have to do please ?

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