Etrance Qualifications

  •  National Diploma
    The objective of the National Diploma programme is to produce the middle level manpower needs of the nation in the areas of Technology, business and management. The curriculum for the programmes reflects the requirement of industries, business ventures both in theoretical content and practical skill.
    Candidates are admitted into National Diploma programme either through the pre-ND programme or directly through JAMB. In either case, candidate must obtain the required number of credit passes or aggregate and must satisfy the minimum entry requirement for the programme
    Higher National Diploma
    The Higher National Diploma is a post- National Diploma programme scheduled to last for two years. It is aimed at producing professionals who can work as supervisors on Government Establishment, Industries and commercial Houses. Applicant for the admission into Higher National Diploma programme must possess a National Diploma in the same programme with at least lower credit pass from Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic or any other Polytechnic with accreditation in the relevant programme of study and with at least one year post-ND relevant industrial training experience.
    In addition to the above, a candidate must meet the admission requirement for the ND programme of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic.

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