Uniport Disclaimer: Internet Fraudsters

Hello All,
We wish to draw your attention to the activities of fraudsters that is all over the web, and to further sensitise ours and our prospective candidates against all such scammers, do not fall victim to them as we are fully armed. Please spread the message to your colleagues, friends and relatives.
Please be very much informed that The University of Port Harcourt will only communicate to you with the University official website(www.uniport.edu.ng) and her sub domains(…uniport.edu.ng) accesible via the main website(www.uniport.edu.ng). If it is not from these domains, and you cannot access such links from “www.uniport.edu.ng”, it is not from us. Type this address on your web browsers to access us , not links sent to you from emails /social media, as those links may have been cloned by the fraudster.
You cannot go to a third party websites to look for information about the university , worst still such information concerning admissions , POST UTME Registration purposes etc other than the university website. It is only the University of Port Harcourt that owns and is denoted by …uniport.edu.ng domains, any other one than this, whether it contains the key word “uniport” or otherwise is a scam manipulated by fraudsters, please be informed. Do not allow desperation for admission makes you to solicit, collaborate, nor patronize the services of scammers; they will scam you of your hard earned money; If you do that it is your fault, please be wise. UNIPORT do not and will not sponsor third parties websites for admissions nor registration purposes other than the university website. Any information you do not see on our websites but on other websites of fraudsters is not from us.
We wish to use this medium also to further encourage all our staff and departments /centres to continue using the institutional email for all official correspondences, and the institutional sub domains for all their online presence in the web in order to continue fostering such professionalism and uniqueness.
Thank you,

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