WAEC Timetable for SSCE 2024 is out. Download here

The West African Regional examination body has released the official timetable for the May/June exam this year. The Senior secondary examination will commence on the 30th of April, 2024. Food and Nutrition 3, and Home Management 3 ( both are practical papers) are the first to be written. This year’s examination will end on Monday 24th June, 2024 with Woodwork 1 and 2 as the last subject paper.

Are you a candidate, a teacher, principal, a proprietor or proprietress anticipating 2024 SSCE? You can print or download the exam timetable on this page.

SSCE timetable Released

On X handle (formerly known as twitter) @waecnigeria, WAEC announced the release of the 2024 final timetable. According to the timetable, all the three English Language Papers(objectives, essay and test of orals) will be on the 15th May, 2024. General Mathematics papers (objectives and essay) will be held on 30th May, 2024. Download the timetable here.


Extra-time for Candidates with special needs

According to WAEC, one and half the time allotted to other candidates should  be given to candidates with special needs(blind, deaf and dumb).

Break for Eid-al-Adha

Due to a public holiday to observe Eid-al-Adha; there will be no exams from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th June, 2024.

Why the Timetable is Important

Speed and accuracy are vital for success in the examination hall. But, even before the examination date, proper preparation is required for itche-free exams. One of the ways of preparing adequately is to know how the subjects are spaced. Knowing how the subjects are spaced will enable candidates to prioritize their studies. It will be an invitation to failure for a candidate to go to the exam hall not knowing the subject(s) that is scheduled for that very day. 

The timetable also reveals the dates when the core subjects are to be taken.  For example, a science student will want to know when he/she is writing subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language. Likewise, an arts student will be interested in the days he/she has English Language, Literature, Government, History, and Economics exams.

The timetable also helps teachers to set up the Laboratories for practical papers before the stipulated exam date. Practical papers like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc require time to get the reagents, specimens, instruments, etc ready before the exam date.


2024 WAEC Timetable download it here!

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