Disadvantages of Examination Malpractice, Consequences

An examination is one of the methods of testing, examining, evaluating, and accrediting in the broadest sense. It also affects personnel decisions, including hiring, placement, certification, and promotion.

Sadly, exam fraud, sometimes known as “exam malpractice,” has been and continues to be committed by students using various techniques.

In this piece, we’ll list in detail some of the disadvantages and consequences or repercussions of examination malpractice. Read on!

Definition of Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice is inappropriate or illegal behaviour/conduct by an examination candidate (examinee) with the explicit aim of achieving a favourable outcome in the examination.

In other words, examination malpractice is any passive or active action taken to compromise the original intent and integrity of an examining body.

Further, exam malpractice introduces equities into the examination system. In some examinations, the level of malpractice is so high that it seriously undermines the credibility of the examination system.

Forms of Examination Malpractice

Here are some forms of examination malpractice:

  • Leakage.
  • Impersonation.
  • Smuggling of foreign materials (Expo).
  • External Assistance.
  • Collusion.
  • Copying or Dubbing.
  • Ghost (Special or Miracle) Centers.
  • Intimidation.
  • Mass cheating.
  • Submission of multiple scripts by students.
  • Giraffing.
  • Lateral Connection.
  • Rank Xeroxing.
  • Direct Access (An act whereby an Examiner helps students during an examination).
  • Computo.
  • Missile Catch (Answer written on a piece of paper, squeezed and thrown to a student while the examination is going on).
  • Swapping.
  • E-Cheating (The habit of students engaging ICT devices to indulge in examination malpractices).
  • Time Out (The act of going out to the “Toilet” to read up answers).
  • Stroke (A situation whereby students pretend to be sick during an examination to gain the Examiner’s sympathy while marking).
  • Writing answers/points on tables, chairs, palms and other parts of the body (e.g. laps). Etc.

Causes of Examination Malpractice

Here are some of the causes of examination malpractice:

  • Parents’ Status/Students’ Inordinate Ambition.
  • Teachers’ inadequate coverage of syllabus.
  • Society’s Expectation/Orientation.
  • Governments.
  • Educational Institutions’ Demand.
  • Frequent Disruption in the School System.
  • Employers’ Demand.
  • The Enabling Environment.
  • General Economic Ailment/level of Income.
  • Congestion in Examination Halls.
  • Absence of Moral and Religious Instructions.
  • Opened Examination Hall.
  • Government’s Laxity Fuels Examination Fraud.
  • Lack of Exemplary Leadership.
  • Teacher’s threat to fail students. Etc.

Disadvantages of Examination Malpractice

Here are some of the disadvantages of examination malpractice:

  • It Decreases one’s IQ.
  • Gradual Loss of Memory (Dementia): Memory loss is always associated with academically stunted brain development. Cheating distracts the brain from learning.
  • Inferiority Complex: If you are a student who engages in exam malpractice, you may develop a low sense of self-worth and find it difficult to address a large audience confidently.
  • It encourages Incompetence.
  • It encourages Irresponsibility.
  • It encourages Laziness.
  • It encourages Limitations.
  • It encourages Low Self-Esteem.
  • It Kills the Integrity of the Institution.
  • Low Communication Skills.
  • Manipulation: Aside from engaging in behaviour that falls just short of criminality, you are actively destroying the same system upon which you rely to validate your hard work.
  • No Reflective Reading.
  • No Regard for Academics.
  • Poor Academic Performances.
  • Poor Social Life. Etc.

Consequences of Examination Malpractice

The consequences of examination malpractice, both to education and the society, will be catastrophic in the long run. Candidates/students who would ordinarily be working hard to pass an examination will now depend on quack arrangement.

Since such arrangements rarely fail. Then the fraud or malpractice may eventually be seen as a way of academic exercise.

Also, the candidates produced in this manner will grow into adults and teachers or examinations officials who will not see anything wrong with such sophisticated and high-class examination fraud, thus defeating the goals of education by turning out certificated illiterates.

Examinations malpractice may lure some students into other areas of misconduct, such as prostitution and/or stealing; female students who lack money to fund external assistance or pay for scores may take prostitution, while males may as well take stealing or armed robbery in a bid to make money to pay for scores.

Moreover, exam malpractice renders our certificates worthless in terms of institutional, national and international standards, while hard work is sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity.

In addition, discipline, honesty, dedication, and even the pursuit of self-actualization are pathetically compromised, while talents go unrealized.

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Final Thoughts

Examination malpractice refers to dishonest practices that a student or group of students engages in with the intent of passing an exam. Examinees’ honesty and fairness are put at risk by this act.

Examination, at its core, is a means of gauging one’s level of understanding. Many examinees might or might not grasp this concept. They may feel pressured to cheat on their exams because of how things are. However, there is zero tolerance for academic dishonesty.

Lastly, examination malpractice is an evil wind blowing nationwide that does no one no good. It’s a form of theft that’s corrupting our youth and making them dishonest in every aspect of society. Therefore, we should fight against it.

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