Discussion: How To Stop Exam Malpractice In Nigeria

As a follow-up on our previous article on disadvantages and effects of cheating in public examinations, this post focuses on how to stop Exam Malpractice in Nigeria, and of course elsewhere. We are using Nigeria as a topic of discussion following increasing reports of cheating, leakage of exam papers, use of mobile texting systems to deliver answers to exam candidates, ghost examination halls, and more of what they now collectively refer to as “Exam Runz“.
Before reading our outline on how to stop Exam Malpractice in Nigeria, we suggest that you first read disadvantages and effects of cheating in public examinations here. We expect both article, when put together to be an invaluable guide for students writing research work or term paper on examination malpractices in Nigeria, and Africa in general.
exam malpractice

How To Stop Exam Malpractice in Nigeria

The following measures can be adopted to save the future of Nigerian students from the several menace of cheating in examinations.
1. Sound educational policy should be put in place with de-emphasis on the supremacy of certificates over skills and professional competence.
2. Appointment of supervisors of proven integrity and who are independent of the examinations centers.
3. The remuneration of invigilators and supervisors should be attractable that would not allow one to think of taking bribe to add to his earnings.
4. Ensure that only formally registered candidates sit for the examination.
5. Religious and community leaders should be used to intervene on parents who insist on their children getting the best result without genuine efforts for it.
6. Prohibit the use of electronic devices including cellular phones and IPADS
7. School teachers should be motivated and remunerated adequately and learning environment made friendly so that they can do their work satisfactorily and cover the syllabus before examinations.
8. There should frequent unannounced visits by officials of examination centers and erring centers should be punished.
9. The rigidity and timing of examinations should be reviewed in a such a way that when a student complained genuinely that he cannot write an examination another time suitable should be organized for him, this will eliminate the phobia of failure which may result in malpractice.
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In Conclusion
Examination malpractice is an act or irregular manner of testing examiners contravenes the rules and conventions guiding the conduct of examinations. The causes could be attributed to the behaviour of examiners, parents and system. The consequences could be catastrophic to both education system would turn out the society certificated illiterates
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  1. Thank you very much to share my views on the issue of how to curb examination malpractise. Let me just go straight to the point that our students have the ability to learn but they have an UNTRAINED MEMORY which is the cause of all these cheats in exam we see today. What do i mean by an untrained memory, dont be surprise that i said so, is because of the way our educational system operates. By an untrained memory i mean that majority of our students in the different sector of education only accepts the lesson been taught in school and does not possess the ABILITY to remember what has been taught or learnt. I have been a memory instructor since i came across the memory book where i learnt proven, scientifically and systematic techniques to imp
    rove my memory form an UNTRAINED STATE TO A WELL TRAINED STATE. Theses has enable me excel in all my qcademic work. This memory techniques i share with you can be learn by anybody who wishes to improve his memory ability. If given the opportunity i can demonstrate so that our students can see because the human brain is better than an computer to be invented. you can mail me for further details on learning Memory mastery as a means to curb examination malpractise.
    Thank you

  2. All students should be told to ease them selves by going for short or long call before entering the examination room. This will help to reduce unnecessary movement in and out of the examination room.

  3. to all my fellow friends and family, as we read and see practically that exam malpractice is very bad, we need to stop it at all.

  4. I first of all want to tank my dear brothers and sisters who are intening to put themselves in malplacties during examination. First of all, i may like say examination misconduct will not take you any were because it can’t develop your vocabulary rather it will make you so confused for what you want achieved at the end

  5. This epidemic menace called examination malpractice has in did risen to an alarming state, and hence its imparative that students, parents, teachers /lectures and the government managing the educational systems need to bockle up and uphole the tenets of proper education system in order for our society to be devoid of half baked individuals in the feature as such will be very very turmolic.

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