NYSC Exeat Letter

NYSC Exeat Letter Guide (2024)

Do you seek to leave the NYSC Orientation Camp on a temporary basis? You will need to write an official exeat letter seeking permission from the NYSC State Coordinator. In this article, we provide you with a sample and guide on how to write an exeat letter.

NYSC Exeat Letter

NYSC Exeat Letter

An exeat letter is simply a letter of permission allowing an NYSC member to leave the NYSC Orientation camp.

The NYSC orientation camp is a 21-day exercise to train corp members for the demands of the service year. You can only seek to leave the orientation camp before the end of exercise only on health grounds. And as such, you must attach a medical report showing you are not fit for the orientation activities.

The exeat letter is a formal letter written to the State Coordinator through the Camp Director, Head of Camp Clinic, Head of Platoon Instructors and your Platoon Instructor.

It always has the title, “Application for an Exeat on Health Grounds.”

You must explicitly state your name and state code, as well as your health challenge that demands urgent attention (with an attached medical report). Also included in the exeat letter is the duration of your stay out of the orientation camp and the location you are going to for the necessary treatment.

You must also attach photocopies of your certificate format, bank form, and doctor’s report.

Make sure you sign with your full name and include your phone number.


Note that the NYSC Bye-Laws state:

  • “Not leave orientation camp or absent himself from any official activity without the written consent of the State Coordinator but when absent from his duties on account of illness, ensure that such absences is covered by an “Excuse Duty Certificate” issued by a medical doctor then on duty at the camp
  • Any member who leaves the camp without the permission from the State Coordinator shall be tried by the Camp Court and, if found guilty, be liable to be decamped and sent out of camp.
  • The member shall only be allowed to come back for service by joining the next batch for the orientation exercise.”

You, therefore, need to write an exeat letter if you must leave the NYSC Orientation Camp.

Other Reasons to Leave the NYSC Orientation Camp

1. Leaving Camp for Bank and Related Issues

The process for leaving camp for bank issues is straightforward. You only need to compose a letter. That is what NYSC expects. This letter serves as your official application for an exeat.

You may sometimes be required to visit a bank branch in order to register for your BVN and facilitate your account opening process. This usually takes a few hours.

This type of exeat letter is addressed to your platoon officer.

Note that corps members going out of camp are to be fully kitted.

2. Leaving Camp for your Graduation or Call to Bar

This is a legitimate reason to exeat the NYSC orientation camp. You must write an official exeat letter, as described above, to your state coordinator through the aforementioned officers.

Make sure to state the reasons for leaving and the duration of the exercise. Also, submit the accompanying documents.

How to Write an NYSC Leave Letter

After finishing the 21-day training at the NYSC orientation camp, you may opt to return home to get provisions before going back to your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). Corps members typically seek leave shortly after completing the 21-day camping experience at the NYSC orientation camp. It will allow them to gather the items they will need before travelling to their primary assignment.

You will need to officially apply for leave by writing a leave/exeat letter.

If you want to travel following your orientation course at the NYSC camp, you must write an NYSC leave letter. The NYSC leave letter must be addressed to the NYSC State Coordinator through your Zonal Inspector, your Local Government Inspector, and the head officer or employer at your place of primary assignment. Before you can depart on your trip, these offices must approve your leave letter.

To apply for NYSC leave, go to your PPA and your Local Government Inspector (LGI) for documentation. After being accepted by your PPA, write a leave letter for two weeks or one week and submit it to your LGI along with your PPA acceptance note.

Format of an NYSC Leave Letter

See the format of the NYSC leave letter:

Your PPA Address



The State Coordinator,

NYSC ___________ State.


The Zonal Inspector

____________ Zonal Office.


The Local Government Inspector,

_______________ Local Government.


The Head of Your PPA, or Supervisor,

(Address of your PPA)


Application for Permission to Travel

I (full name) with state code _________ wish to request permission to travel for two weeks, from (beginning date) to (return date), in order to bring back my properties left at home and settle down properly for work at my Place of Primary Assignment.

Thank you for your favorable consideration.

Yours faithfully,

________________ (Sign)

Full name

State Code


Phone Number.

Dear Sir,
Heading: Permission To Temporary Exit the NYSC Camp.
Body: I, Jonathan Ben Ikehide with the state code number DD/88H/3412 and the call up number NYSC/LLD/2024/012233 is writing to seek your permission to temporary exit the NYSC orientation camp.
I was told by officials at my bank that I have to go to their branch in to set up for my bank verification number to expedite my account registration . The task will be finalized under one hour, and I will return to camp on the same day.

I hope my request will be considered.

Yours faithfully,
Jonathan Ben Ikehide


State code.

Important Details Regarding the NYSC Leave/Exeat Letter

Take the following into consideration when applying for NYSC leave:

  • Do not travel immediately following the submission of your leave letter. You must wait till your application is approved.
  • Before sending your application letter, ensure that you have finished your NYSC documentation at your PPA and local government offices.
  • The leave application letter must be submitted to your NYSC State Coordinator via your local government inspector and zonal inspector.
  • During your leave, do not stay longer than the time allotted.


As you have seen, you can temporarily leave the NYSC Orientation Camp for genuine health or other serious issues. All it takes is to write an exeat letter to the state coordinator through the camp director and your platoon officer.

Make sure to follow the format and instructions as stated above to be able to write a nice NYSC exeat letter. I wish you the best of luck.


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