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POP means Passing Out Parade. It is the final component of the NYSC cardinal points. It is the day when corps members who have successfully completed their national service receive their discharge certificates.

The ceremony is entertaining, as governors, state coordinators, and other NYSC officials attend. Some corps members receive awards, while others who have issues are sanctioned.

In order to avoid being sanctioned on your POP day, you need to know the right things to do, when to do them and how.

POP Events

1. 3 weeks before POP

  • Release of passing-out corps members by employers
  • Sensitization of corps members to job creation and opportunities after service. This will be done at the Local Government level, using relevant officers/NYSC/NDE officers.

2. Final Week

  • Registration and clearance of Corps members by Local Government Inspectors
  • The signing of final clearance by Zonal Inspectors
  • Administration of the questionnaire (Form 4 B) to 30% of the passing-out corps members.

3. POP Day

  • Distribution of Certificates of National Service to deserving corps members.

For more information, check the NYSC website here.

How to Prepare for Your NYSC POP

Follow these guidelines to effectively prepare for your POP:

1. Actively Participate in all NYSC Activities

There are three things you must do during your service year. One, your work at your PPA – primary place of assignment. You must take this very seriously. Two, your weekly CDS (Community Development Service). And finally, your monthly clearance at your NYSC Local Government Office.

You must show proof that you have been faithful in all these before you can do your POP. If not, your service year may be extended or other sanctions meted on you.

2. Get Final Clearance From Your PPA

The first stage of your final clearance is done at your PPA.

This clearance and report from your workplace are very important. The final clearance is done three weeks before your POP. Without it, you will not be eligible for the POP or get your discharge certificate.

Keeping this in mind, you must maintain good behaviour before your employer (PPA).

3. Final Clearance by Your LGI and ZI

Your local government inspector (LGI) and zonal inspector (ZI) must then clear you to be eligible for the POP.

These officials will sign the form you received from your workplace as well as additional forms, such as the 4B and CDS clearance forms, among others.

Documents needed for the final clearance are

  1. Final Clearance letter from your PPA
  2. NYSC ID card
  3. Posting Letter

Any corps member who is not cleared by the local government and zonal office will not be issued a certificate.

4. Make Necessary Payments for Your Final CDS Project and POP Magazines

The POP magazine contains photographs of all passing-out corps members in the state, arranged according to their various local governments.

5. Attend the Final Meetings for POP

Meetings will be scheduled prior to your POP for all passing-out corps members. Attendance at this meeting is essential since key information concerning the POP day is provided. As a result of their absence from this meeting, some corps members have been prohibited from receiving their discharge certificates.

6. On Your POP Day, Make Sure You Wear Your Complete NYSC Uniform

You must make sure to attend your POP ceremony in your complete 7/7 uniform. The complete uniform comprises of NYSC cap, crested vest, khaki trousers, khaki jacket, belt, jungle booth, and socks.

Prepare your uniforms, iron them, and appear decent. Don’t wear coloured shoes or fly shirts.

So many have been sanctioned for breaking the dress code.

7. Go with your NYSC ID Card and arrive on time

Arrive on time and sit quietly, listening to and following all instructions.

Don’t forget to carry your ID card. The ID card will be vital on that day because it will be used to swap for your discharge certificate. And then, carry a pen along with you. You will need it to write and sign your discharge certificate.


The passing-out parade is the final aspect of the NYSC activities. It marks the event when the discharge certificate is given to deserving corps members.

The parade is an exciting one, as eminent personalities like the governors, state coordinators, and other NYSC officials are present at the event. Awards are released to a few outstanding corps members, and some who have problems are disciplined.

This article explores the ways you can ready yourself forĀ  your passing out parade.


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