A Complete Guide to NYSC Green Card for prospective corpers in 2024

The NYSC green card is an important slip that you have to print from the NYSC portal after registration. It is proof that you have finalised the online process and have fully registered. This means you can now take part in the NYSC programme. The Green Card has some vital data about you, like your name, passport photograph, date of birth, state of origin, and course of study.

Why is the Green Card important for NYSC corps members?

The green card is important because, without it, you can’t take part in the NYSC programme. And not participating in the NYSC disqualifies you from seeking a job in Nigeria. Furthermore, the Green Card is a piece of solid evidence that you have satisfied the minimum requirements for taking part in the programme.

This article will show you all you need to know about the NYSC green card. I will share information about the eligibility criteria, the process of application, and the benefits of getting the Green Card.

How to get your NYSC Green Card

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to print the NYSC Green Card from the portal, you have to finalise the NYSC online registration. You need to pay the necessary fees and get your call-up number.

Application process

The NYSC Green card should be printed from the NYSC portal. It is only accessed at the time of online registration. Here are other steps involved in getting your NYSC Green Card:

  1. Access portal.nysc.org.ng.
  2. Sign in to your NYSC account with your account details (email address and password). Select “Resume.”
  3. If you have successfully logged in, select “Print Slip.”
  4. Hold on for a while as you are redirected to the NYSC PDF page. Now you can preview the NYSC green card slip and print it.
  5. Click the print icon at the top right corner to print the slip. However, if you wish to download the slip to your mobile device or PC, click the download icon.

Required Documents

\The following data is needed on the NYSC Green Card:

Bio-data: This comprises personal information such as your full name, date of birth, place of birth, state of origin, and contact data.
Medical History: This comprises data about  your  health status, allergies, and other medical conditions.
Academic Qualifications: This comprises the university or polytechnic attended, what course you studied, and grade acquired.
Passport Photograph: Your most recent passport picture will need to be uploaded during NYSC registration.

Sample of NYSC Green Card

Here’s a sample of the NYSC Green Card:


You can see the following details:

  • NYSC insignia with NYSC letterhead that shows the address of their head office. You will also find your batch and your service year.
  • Personal data such as your full name, birth date, local government area, gender, state of origin, place of birth, marital status, and physical challenges. Your passport photos are also shown clearly on the document.
  • Your address and contact information.
  • Full information about the next of kin.
  • Your academic credentials and background.
  • The specification information on your kits.
  • And lastly, the “corps member signature and date.” In this space, you will have to pen your signature as the document owner.

What Next After Getting the NYSC Green Card Slip Printout?

Now that you finally have the NYSC Green Card slip printout, you are expected to sign it and submit the signed copy to the NYSC camp. It is also wise to photocopy the signed copy and submit it to your institution.


The NYSC green card is an important document that you will need as a prospective corps member. You have to ensure you satisfy the criteria and offer valid data and information during the online application process. If you encounter challenges or difficulties during the registration process, ensure you seek support and advice from the NYSC helpline or visit the nearest NYSC state secretariat for assistance. Furthermore, you can also get solutions or experienced corps members or make enquires from online forums and communities for tips and advice.

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