JAMB Result 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results are now available!

This means you are one step closer to getting into your dream university, college of education, monotechnic or polytechnic.

If you are concerned about getting admission into higher education, then your JAMB result is a vital aspect of the process. Fortunately for you, JAMB has simplified the result-checking process, as there are various methods you can use.

Understanding the 2024 JAMB Results

Your JAMB results are a way to know if your performance merits admission into any institution in Nigeria. It has a total score of 400. The examination assesses your competence and ability to answer questions quickly.

Every year, JAMB pegs the cut-off mark based on the overall performance of candidates. Last year, the cut-off mark was set at 160 for university, which means no university can admit a student who scored below that number.

For colleges of education and innovative institutions, the cut-off mark was pegged at 120 and 100 marks respectively.

Checking Your JAMB Result

Here are ways you can check your JAMB results. They include:

JAMB portal

One of the most popular ways to check your JAMB results is through the JAMB website. You can also get an official printout of your results from this platform.

Here’s how:

Access the JAMB eFacility platform: From your PC or mobile device, open your web browser and input the following: https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/login into the URL bar and press “Enter”.

Input your login information: Next, you have to input your login information (email address and password). It must be the exact one you used when registering for the examination.

jamb efacility login

Access your results: select the “Check UTME Results” option after inputting the necessary information. Once your JAMB result is out, it should show you the scores for the subjects you have taken.

Please note

  • Always make sure your online connection is stable before trying to access the eFacility portal. A slow internet connection will badly affect the entire process of getting your result.
  • Encountering an error message may imply that your results are not yet out, or the website disruption as a result of traffic overload. It is advisable to exercise patience and try again after some time.



JAMB also provides an easy alternative for checking your JAMB results. Before you try this method, be sure to use the phone number that you provided during the JAMB 2024 registration process.

This option was introduced in 2021 to assist candidates, guardians or parents who find it difficult to access their results via the Internet.

JAMB Result - SMS

Here’s how to check your results through this method:

Access your SMS app: From your smartphone, open your SMS app.

Create a message: Select the “create message” option, input “RESULT” (in capital letters) and then your JAMB reg number. Alternatively, input “UTMERESULT” and tap “send” to the numbers provided in the next step.

Send the text: You can send the text to any of the following numbers:

55019 or 66019

These are the approved SMS numbers from JAMB.

Check Your Results: After sending the message successfully, you will receive an SMS from JAMB with your UTME scores if your result is released.

Please note:

This method is not free. It costs ₦50, which will be subtracted from your network balance before the result is released. So, be sure that your balance is adequate before trying to access your JAMB results through this method.


What to Do After Receiving Your JAMB Result


Scored Above Cut-Off Mark

  • Congratulations for scoring above the cutoff mark. All your effort has paid off. The next step is to wait for your preferred university to start sales of Post-UTME forms. It is important to check the institution’s website and visit our school news portal for regular updates.
  • You may also have to prepare for post-UTME. It is an examination taken for the purpose of screening admission seekers. Not all universities offer post-UTME. For instance, the University of Uyo does not give any form of post-UMTE to its aspirants.
  • Also, get acquainted with CAPS (Central Admission Processing System). It is a platform that exists to streamline admissions for both candidates and tertiary institutions. Managed by JAMB, all you have to do is to “accept” or “reject” when admission is offered.

Scored Below Cut-Off Mark

If you score below the cut-off mark, all hope is not lost. You tried your best. It doesn’t mean you are not mentally capable of tertiary education. You must have realised where you need to put in more effort by now.

Apart from rewriting JAMBS, there are various alternatives available to you. They include:

Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board: Often abbreviated as JUPEB, this examination was set up by the Government of Nigeria to allow students who have graduated from a diploma or foundation programme in approved universities to partake in common examinations. Those who are successful are offered direct entry admission into year 2 in selected universities. JUPEB does not require JAMB results for admission

Pre-degree programs: Many universities have different pre-degree and diploma programmes to introduce students to basic course concepts and prepare them for university education. It often lasts one year and successful candidates are offered direct admission into 100 Level.



Is 2024 JAMB result out?

Yes, the 2024 JAMB result is out. You can check your results easily using the methods outlined in this content.

Can JAMB results be printed out now?

Yes, JAMB has announced that candidates who took part in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) can access their portal to print their official result slip.

Can JAMB change your results?

No. JAMB can’t change or upgrade your results. Beware of scammers online.


This article explains the process of getting your JAMB results using the approved methods: SMS and the JAMB website. You can easily check your results in a minute or less. Ensure you follow the steps listed and you won’t encounter any serious issues.

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