JAMB Past Questions

JAMB Past Questions 2024/2025 (Free Download)

JAMB Past Questions are a valuable resource for students preparing for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In this article, you will have access to free JAMB questions in PDF format for easy download.

JAMB Past Questions

Importance of JAMB Past Questions

JAMB past questions play a crucial role in exam preparation. The importance of JAMB’s past questions cannot be overemphasized. Here’s why they are essential:

  1. They Help With Familiarity with Exam Format: The JAMB past questions expose candidates to the format, structure, and types of questions that appear in the actual UTME. By practicing with these questions, students become more comfortable with the exam pattern.
  2. Aid in Mastery of Subject Content: Practicing past questions helps reinforce knowledge of specific topics. With past questions, candidates can identify areas where they need further study and improvement.
  3. Help With Time Management: Solving past questions under timed conditions enhances time management skills.
    It prepares students for the time constraints during the actual exam.

JAMB Past Questions Free Download

Access and download free past questions for the following subjects below:

BIOLOGY Past Questions

CHEMISTRY  Past Questions

COMMERCE JAMB Past Questions

CRK JAMB Past Questions

ECONOMICS Past Questions



PHYSICS JAMB Past Questions



Source: https://www.myschoolgist.com/ng

Getting JAMB Past Questions With JAMB CBT Apps/Software

Mobile apps designed for JAMB Computer-Based Tests (JAMB CBT apps) often include a repository of past questions.
Candidates can practice using these apps to simulate the actual exam environment.

Get the best JAMB CBT Practice software at https://awajis.com/jamb-cbt-practice-software/.

Features of Awajis CBT Practise Software

  • It doesn’t require a monthly subscription.
  • Uses the same technology as the 2024 UTME.
  • Over 21,000 real JAMB past questions and answers
  • The CBT app is completely offline. Requires no internet access at all.
  • There’s a complete summary of the Life Changer novel.
  • Likely questions from the Life Changer novel and 21 other literary Texts
  • This JAMB CBT software completely covers your needs as a 2025 Jambite.
  • Updated with the new Intelligent Offline Virtual Assistant, Clara.
  • The 8-key navigation works fine, too (Original programming)

Why is every Jambite getting this JAMB CBT software?

  • It has over 21,000 questions: practice past JAMB UTME questions from 25 subjects with detailed solutions.
  • It’s Completely Offline:  Do I have to explain that? You don’t need internet access to practice on this app.
  • There’s Topic Selection: Choose individual topics to boost performance in areas that need improvement.
  • Summary of Prescribed Literature Texts: The 2024/2025 version now has summaries of all the books needed.
  • There’s subject selection: You get to select which subjects you want to practice at any time. You can choose 1, 2, 3, or your complete 4 subjects. If you’re crazy, you can practice the 15 subjects at once.
  • 25 Subjects: This app has 25 whole subjects ranging from the big ones like Mathematics, English, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Economics, and Physics to the not-so-popular ones like Home Economics, Fine Arts, Arabic, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Music, etc.
  • Clara – Offline Assistant: Our offline virtual assistant will solve math problems and guide you on how to activate the app.
  • Built-In Calculator: You’ll need a calculator to tackle those science subjects, right? It’s there.
  • Next Generation Result Analysis: You’ll see a detailed result analysis after each test. This way you know which subjects you’re lagging behind in.
  • Bookmarks option: This is a cool feature. You can add a bookmark for interesting or challenging questions and go back directly to it at any time.
  • Flexibility: Nothing is fixed in this CBT software. You can set the number of questions, the timing, and the exam mode. Anything at all.
  • No Expiration: You heard that right. This software does not expire. You get to use it forever. There is no monthly subscription.

How Much Does the CBT Software Activation Code/License Cost?

This software license/activation code goes for just ₦3,000.

Our app does not limit you to four subjects; you have 25 different subjects (including questions from the JAMB 2024 novel) at your disposal. Best of all, you get the JAMB CBT experience.

Get the Awajis CBT app HERE.

Can’t afford it now? You can use our free Jamb CBT online practice page, which is at jambcbt.awajis.com.


Any student studying for the UTME needs to use past questions. Recognizing their importance and adding them correctly to your study plan can greatly improve your chances of success.

Remember that the best way to do well on the UTME is to practice regularly, understand the subject matter well, and plan ahead wisely.

If you use past questions correctly, you will be well on your way to reaching your academic goals. Good luck.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the comment section below.


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