JAMB regularization

JAMB Regularization (A Comprehensive Guide – 2024)

Hello there! What is JAMB regularization? What, then, is the condonment of illegal admissions or JAMB late registration? Here is everything you need to know about the above issues.

JAMB regularization

Many universities, polytechnics, and other postsecondary institutions have admitted students, but their admission status does not appear on the JAMB website. Such students typically face challenges in their last school year. Others struggle when it comes time to be mobilized for National Youth Service (NYSC). If you are such a student, the solution to this problem is REGULARIZATION. In this guide on JAMB regularization, you’ll learn how to apply for JAMB regularization.

JAMB regularization also referred to as Condonment of Illegal Admissions or JAMB Late Application, provides an opportunity for candidates in any institution but without a JAMB registration number to regularize their admission details with JAMB.

Why is JAMB Regularization Necessary?

The following are the simple reasons why you may want to do JAMB regularization:

  1. Admission Alignment: Some students gain admission into tertiary institutions without initially going through JAMB. Regularization ensures that their admission is officially recognized by JAMB.
  2. JAMB Registration Number: Candidates without a JAMB registration number need to obtain one through this process. The registration number is essential for various purposes, including NYSC mobilization and future academic pursuits.

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How much does it cost for JAMB regularization?

JAMB regularization costs the sum of #10,000.00 only.

The following are the official payments in the JAMB portal:














































 APPLICATION FOR CORRECTION OF DATAa. Institution/Courseb. Namec. Date of Birthd. State/LGAe.Genderf. A’level Qualification
















 SERVICE CHARGEa. CBT Centre Registration Service Chargeb. Change of Admission Letter Service Chargec. Printing/Correction of Data/Uploading of Document Service Charge


Things you should know about JAMB Regularization

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian examination board for higher institutions. The board administers the unified tertiary matriculation examination for prospective undergraduates in Nigerian universities.

Through the JAMB portal, candidates can do JAMB regularization. What, then, is JAMB regularization?

JAMB regularization is the process of ensuring that the JAMB board validates candidates’ current admission details with the school that offered admission to such candidates in their database, with the goal of either granting a single gateway to admission or granting an admission letter/registration number.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) implemented the regularization process to properly sync and update candidates’ admission statuses with the JAMB database.

JAMB regularization is mostly available to Direct-Entry candidates who want to update admissions from their NCE/OND/HND colleges with JAMB.

UTME candidates who do not have official JAMB admission letters or registration numbers must still apply. This is done to update the admissions board on their present position at the university.

Note the following:

  • The goal of JAMB regularization is to verify that JAMB has your current admission information that corresponds to the admission/registration record of the school that awarded you admission.
  • Students who have been offered admission to tertiary institutions but do not have an admission letter from JAMB can also apply for JAMB regularization.
  • Students who completed a remedial/pre-degree program, such as a basic or certificate program, or who applied directly to the institution will also need to apply for JAMB regularization.
  • Students who did not apply for JAMB during the year they were given admission (basic and certificate programs) must also apply for JAMB regularization. This enables candidates with admission but no prior record with JAMB to register on the platform.

Requirements for JAMB regularization

The prerequisites for JAMB regularization are as follows:

  1. Applicant’s JAMB result (with a valid JAMB registration number).
    • If you do not have a JAMB registration number, you are still entitled to apply for regularization.
  2. O’level results: WAEC, NECO, GCE, NABTEB, or combination results.
  3. Passport photo.
  4. Candidates’ personal information, including address, date of birth, email address, gender, phone number, marital status, names, origin, previous JAMB registration number, and year of enrolment.
  5. Candidates’ institution details, including where they are enrolled, why they are not on the JAMB list, their matriculation number, matriculation year, year of graduation, and serial number.
  6. Current course of study in the institution.

Procedure for JAMB regularization

The following are the procedures for JAMB regularization:

  1. Visit a nearby JAMB-accredited center or cybercafe with the required information.
  2. Make payment for the regularization. After that, a JAMB representative will process your registration, confirm your information, and complete the form.
  3. Ensure that you receive a printout after completing and submitting the form.
  4. Send the printed, signed form to your school’s admissions office.
  5. The admission official will submit it to the JAMB office in your institution’s state. Your institution will submit your form to the JAMB office in your state or its headquarters.
  6. You will receive an email notification from JAMB.

JAMB Regularization Procedure (Do it Yourself)

Here is a simple guide on how to do your JAMB regularization yourself:

  1. New users must create a profile on the JAMB eFacility Sign Up Page. For existing users, please enter your login information. To create your profile, enter your valid email address, surname, first name, mobile number, state and LGA of origin, and password, and click the Sign-Up button. Each candidate is only allowed to have one profile.
  2. Sign in with your email address and password.
  3. Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the JAMB efacility portal, which displays all available services.
  4. Choose “Late (Retroactive) Application”. This is available on the sidebar.
  5. Once selected, the menu item “Late Application” will appear. Click this if you want to regularize for late application.
  6. Or select the condonement of illegal admission/regularization in the services bar.
  7. A Transaction ID is generated for it once you select the service. This will appear on the confirmation page screen.
  8. Review the information presented on the Confirmation Page. Take notice of the Transaction ID, which is printed in bold red font. The Transaction ID is useful for any future referrals to the transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be emailed to your registered address.

Making Payments and Finishing the Regularization Process

  1. If you want to pay directly with your card, click the Continue option. If you want to use alternative payment methods, such as an ATM, cash at a bank, or a quickteller, please keep the transaction ID because it will be required.
  2. On the Interswitch Payment screen, input your card information and click the Pay button.
  3. The status of your payment will be displayed in the “My Payment Section.” After payment, you will receive an SMS and an email with your unique Transaction ID and payment status. Click the Continue button.
  4. Once payment has been made, you will be requested to supply the following:
    • Exam year
    • JAMB registration number
  5. The application form will appear once you have entered all of the information accurately. Please fill out the application form online and ensure that you fill out the necessary fields.
  6. Click Submit to complete your application.
  7. After submission, an Indemnity Form will be shown and printed.
  8. Fill out this form and submit it to your university for approval.
  9. Your institution would be responsible for submitting the approved form to the JAMB state office.
  10. Once received, the approved form will be added to your profile. You will be notified when this is completed.
  11. JAMB will now process your application. If approved, your information will be modified as requested.

How to check your JAMB regularization status

Follow the steps below to check your JAMB regularization status:

  1. Go to https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/.
  2. Login using your JAMB email address and password.
  3. After successfully logging in, scroll down to find and click the “check admission status” link.
  4. Choose your exam year and input your JAMB registration number in the appropriate boxes.
  5. Finally, click “check admission status” to see your admission status.
  6. If granted, print your acceptance letter.

JAMB Regularization for Part-Time, Sandwich, and Distance Learning Students

All Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (e.g., Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, etc.) require all Part-Time/Sandwich Students to undergo JAMB regularization.

In its efforts to collect accurate data on undergraduate students in all Nigerian Universities and other Tertiary Institutions, JAMB has integrated the admission process of candidates for the Part-Time Degree Programme into the central admissions processing system.

In light of this, we advise all part-time students registered in Nigerian tertiary institutions to visit the JAMB e-facility portal for correct registration and regularization.

All such students must complete the process at an accredited JAMB CBT Centre and fill out the JAMB Indemnity Form.

After the students complete it, the Dean of your institution’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) or Part-Time Studies must validate and sign the form before sending it to the JAMB Office.

After the JAMB has approved the indemnity forms, students can go to the JAMB website to print their Admission Letter and JAMB registration numbers.

Prospective Part-time Candidates who wish to enroll in any of the Part-Time/Sandwich programs at any Nigerian Tertiary Institution must first enroll with JAMB by purchasing the JAMB Part-Time/Sandwich/Distance Learning Form for N3,500 before proceeding to purchase the respective institution’s part-time forms.

Summary of JAMB

Established in 1978, JAMB is an entrance exam board that facilitates admissions to Nigerian postsecondary institutions, including public and private universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

In 2013, the board switched from a “Paper-based test model” (PBT) to a “Computer-based test model” (CBT) to match worldwide educational standards and reduce examination malpractice. This method, together with the switch to a portal-based system for storing information, boosted potential candidates’ computer literacy.

Without a secure JAMB password, candidates are unable to create a unique individual profile or use relevant JAMB services such as the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS), JAMB notification of admission, and admission letter printing.

For additional concerns with your JAMB profile, feel free to visit the assistance page at jamb.gov.ng.


Remember that JAMB Regularization ensures that your admission process aligns with JAMB’s records. If you lack a JAMB registration number, follow the steps outlined above promptly to regularize your status. Feel free to ask if you need further clarification or have additional questions. Use the comment section below. Thank you.


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