JAMB is adding 40 Marks for 2016 Candidates -terms and conditions apply

jamb examination details for 2016
So we just got word that JAMB has begun adding 40 + Marks to some candidates, who have already written their JAMB 2016 Exams.
To recheck your result for free, please read procedure provided on this link: How To Check JAMB Result Online for 2016
Various testimonies have been pouring in on this website and we are happy to hear that.
Please feel free to let us know your own testimony. Let us know your previous score and your new score.
Also, please let us know when you wrote your exam so we know if it’s general for everyone or just a particular set.

  1. what of if you havent recieved a text involving d increase in ,marks what should i do?? please i really need an answer please registration number.. 66350863EE..

  2. Those people dat ar happy ar selfish and self centred,u dont concider others dat their work was wroungly marked,dat even the mark was added dat the score is still poor,you people dont even mind to ask why jamb suddenly add 40 marks which has never been done ay jamb instead they wil minus mark,dis one is nt ordinary jamb must be questioned,becos some ar in agony nt happiness

  3. I did mine yesterday buh only got my aggregated score and no additional marks, should I be expecting that later? please reply

  4. pls i need my own 40 marks , i wrote my exams on 29 feb but i only see mi first score 194 so am waiting for second score my Reg num. 65124926AD

  5. pls s jamb adding 40marks to all candidate?, I score 174 in my jamb, will jamb add 40marks to my score?

  6. jamb is nt adding marks 4 everybdy reports reaching me says dat d 40 was 4 people dat wrote from 27 to 1, nd we have to pay 15k for ours to be added. Pls people is dz nt partiality. Am nt too corncernd wid d 40 mark cos 4 scored 230 bt since d mark was added for people i must c mine. Nd dz is d numba dat told me dat 08036428501

  7. My own score is 173 jamb did not add any thing for me o and i wrote on the 5th a frnd of mine who wrote on 9th told me dat jamb added 40mks to her she got 180 after jamb added d mark nw her score is 220 please is jamb truly adding the mark pls her is my reg number 65863471EC thanks

  8. Pls sir I wrote jamb on 1st and I scored 198 and up till date I have not seen the said 40marks sir pls help me check it. Reg no 65136406jf

  9. I wrote on the 10th of March jamb has not added the 40marks pls I really need it my reg number is 65964818JG

  10. I did my on d 8 of march, during the exam my system went off without finishing my physics and I have 6min left on d computer system. what can I do?. there is God. remember u have children…

  11. Please jamb should kindly add mark for does candidates who wrote 2017/2018 utme because some are having marks closer to their school cut off

  12. It is really helping and I also need it. I’m very close to my cut off mark (86136389JE) please Add oooooo

  13. It is really helping and I also need it. I’m very close to my cut off mark please Add oooooo to those having the range of 100 and—

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